The Best Oral Care Products You Need


Taking good care of your mouth means having a better overall health. Good oral care reduces gum diseases, halitosis and helps in avoiding tooth loss. With the ever-growing oral care items on the market today, it can be a perplexing experience shopping for dental products. We have asked experts to list down their best bets of oral care products you need.

Manual Toothbrushes

The latest kinds of toothbrushes available in the market have different varieties of angles and bristles for better reach. Others now also offer easy to grip handles. You must avoid brushes that are too big for your mouth. Any appropriately sized toothbrush is effectively if you use it frequently and know how to brush your teeth the right way. This means you have to brush your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes each time you brush your teeth. Dentists often recommend that toothbrushes must be replaced every 3 months.


Toothpastes contain plaque fighting ingredients like triclosan and xylitol. They also contain ingredients that fight gum diseases and tooth decay. Look for a toothpaste that is both scientifically and clinically tested. Also, check seals of recognition on the packaging to make sure the toothpaste is authentic. Products that have seals of recognition are considered great at contributing to oral health.

Interdental products

Flosses not only help fight off gum disease but they also take good care of your teeth as well. This means you must clean the spaces between your teeth at least once a day. Even if you are really good at brushing your teeth, if you are not flossing your teeth you will be leaving 30% plaque in between your teeth. Water jets and blast debris also help clean the space between your teeth. If you are having a hard time using flosses, water jets are easier to use.


Different kinds of mouthwashes available at the market contain silver and calcium. Listerine usually comes up on top when talking about mouthwashes. Other kinds of mouthwashes are already undergoing clinical trials and are expected to hit the markets soon.

Power Toothbrushes

The new trend today comes with rechargeable battery powered toothbrushes that gives almost 20,000 strokes per minute. Some high-tech brushes give signals if you are applying too much pressure that may damage your gums. Some of them also have LCD displays to tell you where to brush and how long you have to brush.

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