Jaw Problems and Treatment


Dr Minesh Patel Advice About Jaw Problems And Treatment

The way your teeth meet when your top and bottom jaws close down on top of each other is known as your 'bite'. If your teeth don't fit together properly, you could have malocclusion or 'bad bite', which can cause problems with your teeth, gums, the temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) and the muscles in your face.

This misalignment, often referred to as TMJ disorder, can also cause some people to clench the jaw and grind their teeth at night. This can lead to:
       Facial pain
·         Headaches
·         Discomfort & clicking when biting or chewing
·         Migraines
·         Neck and shoulder pain
·         Potential back pain

If you recognize any of these symptoms or suffer with these on a daily basis, you will need to see a dental specialist like Dr Minesh Patel to treat your problems.
Dr Minesh Patel qualified from Cardiff in 1986. As student elective he observed Professor Linkow in New York. After an SHO post in oral-maxillofacial surgery, he entered general practice. He has also attended numerous year courses in Implants. Dr Patel is a principal of Chrysalis dental practice in Watford and Bedford.

Dr Minesh Patel was elected joint head of examiners for the MSc in Implantology at Warwick University where he set the standards in the advanced cases since 2009.He personally has examined and graded in detail 71 cases. Each case involves assessing the assessment process, the diagnosis, the options, their advantages and disadvantages, treatment plan, treatment program, discussion in detail with references and conclusion. For the Diploma in Implant Dentistry at the Royal College of Surgeons. which is regarded by the GDC as the gold standard in implant education. Minesh as an examiner, assess the cases in detail and allowed to set questions appropriately. Minesh has also examined for the Membership of Joint Dental Facilities at the Royal College of Surgeons. This is a foundation qualification prior to specialization. Minesh has been an examiner on his award for over 7 years now.

Find out more about Dr Minesh Patel here, Follow Dr Minesh Patel on Twitter here and visit Dr Minesh Patel Crunchbase page here. Watch Dr Minesh Patel video below:

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