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Dr Patel qualified from Cardiff in 1986. As student elective he observed Professor Linkow in New York. After an SHO post in oral-maxillofacial surgery, he entered general practice. He has also attended numerous year courses in Implants. Dr Patel is a principal of Chrysalis dental practice in Watford and Bedford. 

Dr Minesh Patel Work Experience 

Experience in Examining.
 For the MSc in Implantology at Warwick University Minesh Patel was elected joint head of examiners where he set the standards in the advanced cases since 2009.He personally has examined and graded in detail 71 cases. Each case involves assessing the assessment process, the diagnosis, the options, their advantages and disadvantages, treatment plan, treatment programme, discussion in detail with references and conclusion.For the Diploma in Implant Dentistry at the Royal College of Surgeons. which is regarded by the GDC as the gold standard in implant education. Minesh as a examiner ,assess the cases in detail and allowed to set questions appropriately. Minesh has also examined for the Membership of Joint Dental Facilities at the Royal College of Surgeons. This is a foundation qualification prior to specialization. Minesh has been an examiner on his award for over 7 years now.

Experience in Mentoring.
Minesh is  a Association of Dental Implantology  mentor, He has mentored over 15 mentee’s on all their initial cases. The mentee would present their case assessment to him and he would grade their preoperative assessment.He would then asses their planning and detailed notes and options etc..He would then mentor them through the surgical phase and restorative phase at my practice.He would then give them feedback and an action plan for improvement in the next case. The mentee range from dentists on the specialist list  to recently graduated MSc students. 

Charity Work
In 2012 , Minesh set up a charity dental clinic in Megauli. Nepal. for the poor and impoverished . Having set up systems and taking much of the equipment and materials from his practice .He was able to treat up to 35 patients a day for 7 days , much of the time this was without electricity .This gave Minesh  a sense of perspective about what is truly important in life and he still continue this work on a regular basis. 

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